Water purification with high efficiency close to naturE

Soil and land filters clean water with the power of nature. We preovide designs for any purpose and demand. The systems can be harmoniously integrated into the landscape.

Retention Soil Filters for Rain Water and Mixed Waters

Purified, restricted and discharged by control:

Retention soil filters are active flood protection. They bring reliably good results even at maximum load and large fluctuation in the entries.

Refinery process in agriculture

The growing number of fermentation tanks and biogas plants generate more and more silo activity and silo truck running surface waters. Soil filters can be combined with ponds and constructed wetlands to purify this sewage up to reusable water for certain purposes.

SWT Services

  • Planning
  • Supervision of Execution
  • Use of high quality componenents
  • Extra creativity on demand accessing interdisciplinary network